Thoughts Unleashed - Intro

Hi Netizens,

This is one more blog where you can give thought to.., if you are looking for / want to share something on the computing philosophies and various issues related to the multilingual computing...

Well, I have always wondered how this "wise-fool" machine has grown to such a big way so as to influence even the day to day life of a common man..!
and how the internet has created several new media "mails" and blogs..

It seems the hyper-text 's striking above the text!!
Reading and writing is no more linear, and anyone can grab any particular information without reading through the whole text.. quick, easy and accurate(almost na).
With these transformations, the literature field is also getting bifurcations ( as many of friends agree)


harithakam said...

ya! you have put it right. the hypertexts have already uprooted readers from their old beliefs.

Amritha said...

thoughts unleashed ! .. :) thats how i reached here..
some matching notes