When something goes wrong..

It was while reading one thick bind grey text,I read about Murphy's laws for the first time.It was found really interesting to me.Later, whenever things go wrong, I used to console myself saying - If anything can go wrong, it will..
Later during one lab examination, when PC went off the power with lots of unsaved C code, I cursed myslef for forgetting thsese laws "The lifetime of a computer is as long as its power cord"..and the very first law itself.

Clearly, it was these kind of experiences that pushed me towards arguing for dedicating a special page for Major Edward A. Murphy, Jr in our tech magazine named "Breakthrough" during my college days.

I was becoming more and more convinced on the correctness of Murphy's laws :) and was eager to know more about Murphy..

Almost every day I used to plan - okay,today i will spend some time on Murphy-and then as usual forgetting the matter completely, got indulged in the routine WORK and chit-chit with friends on India Vs South Africa cricket match and new Mohanlal movie being released..
Yesterday, while working on an important assignment,I happened to remember my gonna be perpetual action item : knowing more about Murphy..and started googling with newly upgraded firefox..and things went fine.

It is during such situations where, all on a sudden you realise that, somebody is staring at you and asking why you didnt finish the work - You understand Murphy is right, absolutely.

Anyways, there are some good things to think - if something could have gone wrong earlier and it did not, it ultimately would have been beneficial for it to have.
:)-Yes!! ultimate corollary for Murphy's laws.

But what about this case:If Murphy's law can go wrong, it will.