Multilingual Computing

History 's a good teacher, right? The development of language was actually in pace with the development of small communes , later to civilizations and to nations. After the internet explosion a lot of changes are visible in the way we read and write -some ‘net culture’ born.

In the same way, changes can be seen in the getting-automated libraries, schools, printing-DTP works etc. Mostly they are dealing with regional languages but their processing is not that much ported.It is more on the other side.. But somehow the computer industry / software guys always stick more to English ( atleast the small scale ones, we can see in kerala)

Modern operating systems like Windows XP ,GNU/Linux etc support more regional languages , the custom made applications are more on English.
So how can we make a fully regional language processing , and how can we create applications which can input a regional language ( say Malayalam ) input and process it ?

I have tried running a C program that accepts a malayalam string in the KDE terminal. That was by enabling Malayalam globally ( ie over the entire gui environment) and typing c statements mixed with malayalam data.
( For that one need to enable malyalam keyboard layout and use some Unicode font.)

I do believe that there is much more to go deep in multilingual data processing ,particularly in Malayalam ( our keralites’ mother toung).

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chitra said...

Vow!! Man thats a whole lot of serious stuff . I agree with you in a lot of ways. I've never thought of this thing in soo deeply before