Anti-Corruption Episode

Today I received a lot emails, asking me to forward them to support the cause! Hence this post. 

While expressing the support to Anna Hazare's on this issue, I would say the way it is generally handled by our media sometimes kind of over-simplifies the whole issue.  

Corruption is much more deep rooted - and it is something that even we are actively or passively being part of. We cannot be hypocritical and limit the problem only to politicians (or to bureaucrats).  The reports of politicians 'banned' from the stage itself is so strange.

It really surprises me when this is being propagated by Anna Hazare and the new leaders as a 'non-political' event!! Why are we afraid to vote out 'corrupt' politicians and give a chance to the 'non-corrupt' ones? If the answer is we don't know any non-corrupt politicians, then why are we not forming a clean party and start it over!! Oh, not that easy - isn't it? 


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